The Android M Preview SDK includes development tools, Android system images, and library files to help you test your app and the new APIs coming in the next release of the platform. This document describes how to get the downloadable components of the preview for testing your app.

Developer Preview 3 SDK

The Preview SDK is available for download through the Android SDK Manager. For more information on downloading and configuring the Preview SDK, see Set Up the Preview SDK.

Developer Documentation

The developer documentation download package provides detailed API reference information and an API difference report for the preview. Note that API level 23 reference and diffs are now also available online.

Description Download / Checksums
Android M Preview 3
Developer Docs
(not yet available).zip
MD5: (not yet available)
SHA-1: (not yet available)

Hardware System Images

These system images allow you to install a preview version of the platform on a physical device for testing. By configuring a device with one of these images, you can install and test your app to see how it performs on the next version of the platform. The process of installing a system image on a device removes all data from the device, so you should backup your data before installing a system image.

Warning: The following Android system images are previews and are subject to change. Your use of these system images is governed by the Android SDK Preview License Agreement. The Android preview system images are not stable releases, and may contain errors and defects that can result in damage to your computer systems, devices, and data. The preview Android system images are not subject to the same testing as the factory OS and can cause your phone and installed services and applications to stop working.

Device Download / Checksums
Nexus 5 (GSM/LTE)
hammerhead-(not yet available).tgz
MD5: (not yet available)
SHA-1: (not yet available)
Nexus 6
shamu-(not yet available).tgz
MD5: (not yet available)
SHA-1: (not yet available)
Nexus 9
volantis-(not yet available).tgz
MD5: (not yet available)
SHA-1: (not yet available)
Nexus Player
fugu-(not yet available).tgz
MD5: (not yet available)
SHA-1: (not yet available)

Install an Image to a Device

In order to use a device image for testing, you must install it on a compatible device. Follow the instructions below to install a system image:

  1. Download and uncompress one of the system image packages listed here.
  2. Backup any data you want to preserve from the device.
  3. Follow the instructions at to flash the image onto your device.

Updating a Device with the Preview

Once you have installed a preview system image on a development device, the device is upgraded automatically with the next preview release through over-the-air (OTA) updates. When the update is available, the device displays notification that an update is available and allows you to install it. You can also manually install the next preview image by repeating the procedure in the previous section.

Revert a Device to Factory Specifications

If you want to uninstall the preview and revert the device to factory specifications, go to and download the image you want to flash to for your device. Follow the instructions on that page to flash the image to your device.